At Harbor Garden Center, we consider bird feeding to be quality oriented. The bird seed we sell is from Lyric and Wild Delight. Both of these brands do something that many other bird seed companies won’t do. Lyric and Wild Delight won’t use “filler” seed in their mixes. If you buy an economy mix of bird seed, you will find that the birds throw many seeds on the ground.

This seed is the filler seed that can make up a large percentage of an economy mix.

Both Lyric and Wild Delight make mixes that contain only seeds that birds that live in New England love to eat. Buying a quality mix really does save you money in the long run. The birds eat all of the seed and you don’t spend time cleaning up and throwing out the seeds birds won’t eat in an economy mix. Along with seed mixtures, we also sell Nyger seed to attract the finches. Sunflower seed is also a good seed to put into your feeders to attract a wide variety of birds. Suet cakes help to round out the diet of birds in the colder weather. Our year round suet cakes will hold up in the heat of the summer and help to keep the woodpeckers at your feeders all of the time.

At Harbor Garden Center, we are proud to carry a selection of bird feeders from Droll Yankee feeders, “The World’s Best Feeders Since 1969”. Droll Yankee feeders feature quality construction for years of bird feeding enjoyment. We also carry Nyger “sock” feeders. As the weather warms, you may want to buy one of our hummingbird feeders to put out in your yard. The beauty and graceful flight of hummingbirds entrances the senses of young and old alike. Our pre-mixed hummingbird food makes filling the hummingbird feeders so much easier.

When it comes to feeding the wild birds that live in your yard, Harbor Garden Center is the place for you to go for all your bird feeding supplies.