08November 15, 2018

According to news reports, this fall is in third place for the most rain during the fall. I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember it raining this much in any other fall season.

Probably the only good news out of all this rain is that you don’t have to water your shrubs this fall. Shrubs take up a lot of water in the fall and store that water in the stems and leaves. This stored water is pulled out of the plant by the dry winds of winter. By having this extra water in your plants, the plants have a better chance of surviving the winter without damage to the plant from dry winter winds. This doesn’t mean that you should not put additional protective measures in place to minimize wind damage. You can thank Mother Nature that you don’t have to be dragging the hose around the yard this fall.

If you had any houseplants that you put outside for the summer, you hopefully treated those plants for insects before you brought the plants indoors. Most of you would have brought the plants indoors during September. Even if you treated the plants with an insec

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