21August 16, 2018

For everyone who has been asking for rain, your wish has come true. The good news about this rainy weather has been that the rain has come down slowly enough that it has soaked into the ground. On the other had, many of you who live south of Salisbury have had almost record setting amounts of rain that flooded basements and streets. Mother Nature sure can be fickle.

There is a downside to all this rainy and foggy weather. This type of weather is the perfect scenario for fungus diseases to grow like crazy. Many of your vegetable plants will succumb to fungus diseases if you do not spray your plants with a fungicide. As soon as you can, make sure that you are using a curative type of fungicide. There are many home remedy and other preventative types of fungicides that won’t work on an established fungus diseases. People have come into the store with samples of tomato and squash plants that show signs of fungus diseases. According to the customers, just a few days ago, the plants were fine. This is one time that you have to be proactive. Make sure that you apply a curative fungicide to your plants as soon as the rain stops.

The rain will also mean that the mosquitoes are busy laying eggs in areas of standing water. Within a few days, those eggs will hatch out into the larval stage of the mosquitoes. In about 10 days from hatching out, the larval stage will emerge as adult mosquitoes. There is a product called Mosquito Dunks that contain a bacterium that kills mosquito larvae. The dunks look like small donuts. The dunks are placed into areas of standing water. As the dunks get moist, they release the bacteria that will kill the mosquito larvae. One of the prime breeding grounds for mosquitoes can be the gutters of your home. The dunks can be tossed into the gutters and they will release the bacteria over a period of 30 days. Again, this is one of those things to do sooner rather than later. You should also treat garden ponds and fountains or any other place where water will be standing for 10 days.

I have found, over the years that mid August is a good time to plant another crop of peas. The pea seed will sprout in the damp soil and you will be picking fresh pears in a couple of months. There are so many things that you can grow as a fall crop in your garden. Don’t waste any space in your garden if you have some open spots. There is still time to do a fall planting of many vegetables plants from seed. We still have a good assortment of seeds in the store.

With the end of the month only a few weeks away, it will be time to do another application of lawn fertilizer. If there is moisture in your soil, an application of lawn fertilizer will get your lawn growing again. The key is making sure that there is adequate moisture in the soil. This allows the fertilizer to release into the soil. The roots of the grass can then take up the fertilizer. Come October, an application of a fall type of fertilizer will help your lawn to get ready for, dare I say the word, winter.

Well, that’s all for this week. I’ll talk to you again next week.

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