Harbor Garden Center

June 2018

June is one of the better months for gardening. The soil is now warm and the days are longer and generally warmer. In early June, there is still time to plant annual flowers and to get a beautiful garden. Vegetable plants can still be planted in early June. Some vegetable plants actually benefit from the warm soil temperatures of June. Think eggplant, cucumber, squash and particularly basil. You are not limited to annuals or vegetables as your choices for things to plant in your yard. Perennials and shrubs can still be planted all through the month of June. In fact, they can be planted right through the fall. Just because Memorial Day has come and gone does not mean that the planting season is over. Stop by the store and see all the plants that are waiting to go into your gardens.






Spring Store Hours:
Monday – Saturday 9 AM to 6 PMSunday 9 AM to 5 PM.

US Rte 1 1/4 Mile South of Salisbury Square