Harbor Garden Center

November Welcome

November is another transition month in our garden center. In early November, people come in to get the last application of lawn fertilizer to put down on the lawn. Lime is applied to the lawn to offset the acidity in the soil. November winds help to bring down the last of the leaves and customers come in for leaf rakes, leaf disposal bags and compost bins. People are also looking for burlap or Wilt Pruf to protect their plants from the winter winds. Bird feeders get filled with our quality, no waste bird seed.

As we get towards Thanksgiving, customers notice the change in our store layout. By Thanksgiving, we have become a Christmas decorating shop. Fresh Balsam wreaths with the smell of the holiday clinging to each branch. Unusual wreaths made from fresh boughs of trees native to Oregon and Washington State. We also have balsam greens and those unusual greens from the West Coast. We have many varieties of evergreen garland. We have locally grown Poinsettias. You will also want to see our beautiful Christmas trees. Inside the store, you will find lights, window candles, bows, ribbon, life – like artificial wreaths and garlands, decorations of all kinds and so much more.

If you haven’t stopped by our store for all your holiday decorating needs, we invite you to come in and look around the store. We have been setting up the store for the holiday decorating season for about a month. Everything will be ready for your decorating needs just before Thanksgiving. Stop by and you will be surprised by the change in our store.





Store Hours:
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM 7 days a week

US Rte 1 1/4 Mile South of Salisbury Square