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August Welcome

August may not be a month that is associated with gardening. Most years, the weather is too hot, too dry or it may be your vacation month. Yet, here at Harbor Garden Center, it is still a month for planting. Did you know that one of the best times for planting a lawn is during the later part of August? The days are warm and the nights are cooler, resulting in dew settling on the soil. Grass seed germinates fast under these conditions.  Even the vegetable garden can be re-planted when beans and other vegetables have past their prime. Try planting peas in mid August. Beets, Swiss chard, Lettuce, Spinach and many other types of greens make great late season crops. Mums begin to make their appearance during August. There are also many late summer blooming perennials that you can plant in your gardens. During August, we still get deliveries of quality plant material that can enhance your gardens. While other stores have a few tired looking plants, we have the freshest quality plants around. When you have some time, stop by our store and see all we have to offer for your late summer gardening needs.

August is a great month for cooking all those fresh vegetables on your gas grill. We are here 7 days a week to fill your propane tank. If you need a new propane tank or if you need a spare tank, we have new tank available for your grill.





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