Harbor Garden Center

July 2018

By the time July rolls around, you may not be thinking about putting more plants in your garden. However, take a few moments and look at your perennial gardens. Do you see just a lot of green leaves and very few flowers? What you need is an infusion of summer flowering perennials. All summer long, we are showcasing the best summer flowering perennials. Many of these perennials flower all summer long! We hope you will stop by and take a look at the beautiful plants we have to bring your gardens back to life.

Summer is also the time that insects really begin to invade your yard. The Japanese Beetles will be feeding on your plants in July. Have you set up your beetle traps? The more beetles you catch, the fewer there are to lay eggs and continue the problems in years to come. Now would be a good time to apply Milky Spore to your lawn. This organic grub control method will help to eliminate those white grubs caused by the Japanese Beetles. But beetles are not the only pest that can attack plants in your yard. When insects or fungus diseases attack your plants, we can get you the right products to control insects and diseases on your flowers, trees and shrubs and even your vegetable garden.

Don’t forget that all those plants you put in the vegetable garden need a steady supply of fertilizer to get those plants to produce fresh vegetables. Stop in and we can show you our extensive line of organic fertilizers that will make your vegetable plants produce the maximum amount of fresh veggies.

July is cookout time and we are here 7 days a week to fill your propane tanks.




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